The Edge Wallet

The Edge Wallet is an ultra slim, stylish minimalistic wallet, that also offers peace of mind by providing effective RFID blocking to protect your credit and debit cards from electronic pickpockets and scammers.

Typical leather wallets get packed with unnecessary cards, receipts and other pieces of paper that just lead to a bulkier wallet.
Although The Edge is slim it can hold up to 12 cards in the main compartment in addition to cash outside using the money clip.
The Edge Wallet is available in a choice of colours and has been designed to suit contemporary tastes.

What is RFID Blocking?

By using compact, high tech skimming devices, thieves can skim your card details without you even realising, taking only a matter of seconds to do this. This can be done as they simply walk past you. Within minutes, without you realising, you have been hacked and your card details can be used. You will only know you card details have been stolen when you see the transactions on your bank statement or online banking.
The Edge Wallet is designed with specific materials to effectively block these skimming devices from stealing your card details.
For sophisticated, effective RFID protection for credit and debit cards, order your Edge wallet now!



The Edge Wallet is Ultra slim, the same size as a bank card.


The Edge Wallet protects your contactless cards from RFID skimming and electronic pick-pockets.


The Edge Wallet is expandable to hold 1-12 cards


The Edge Wallet has a money clip on the outside to store all your notes.

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